Fairhope Yard Sale 2017 – The Good and Bad

This weekend Brenda and I participated in the Spring version of the 2017 Fairhope Yard Sale. It was a lot of work, especially for Brenda who is still working her way back to health after her recently ‘scoped’ knee. In the end, we’re very glad it’s over and although we made a little bit of money, was it worth the effort?

As we’ve mentioned previously, we live in a golf course neighborhood in Fairhope. Our community likes to hold different events throughout the year – yard sales, golf tournaments, various club related social functions, and the annual Christmas Walk just to name a few. We will occasionally participate in them and last year was the first time we did the Fairhope Spring Yard Sale. We had more stuff to sell in 2016 because of the renovation of our second beach condo. As a result, we made around $200.

This year’s yard sale inventory consisted primarily of clothing – Brenda’s (because I only have about 5 pairs of pants which were probably purchased in the 90s). We had a few knick-knacky type of items but not many. Other items included two bar stools from our first condo remodel, an old side chair from our first condo that we recently replaced, an Ikea area rug, three old cooking pots from our second condo, and a floor cleaner that didn’t work properly. Doesn’t exactly sound like a shopper’s paradise, huh?

Preparing for the Yard Sale

Preparation for the yard sale actually started back in February when Brenda started going through her closet deciding what to keep and what to sell. She was pretty brutal in her decisions so we ended up with quite a lot. However, Brenda plans on selling some of the higher end items on Poshmark in the near future. We haven’t tried selling on Poshmark yet so we’ll definitely document our experience and report back here. [Update: Brenda made her first Poshmark sale!]

As the yard sale date drew closer, Brenda started thinking more about how she wanted to display all her clothing. She mentioned to me that she’d love to find a hanging clothes rack and a folding table to use at the yard sale. She went on to say, “I KNOW I can find them at Goodwill”. I, being the skeptic that I am, immediately thought “what are the chances of finding not only a folding table, but a clothes rack too at our local Goodwill?”

Side story: There is some type of mystical ‘special relationship’ between Brenda and our Goodwill. Whenever she has a need for a particular item or piece of clothing, she’ll say to me, ‘I’m going to find that at Goodwill”. More than once we’ve stopped in to see if they had what she was looking for and yep – there it is. It’s truly amazing and I just walk out shaking my head.

Brenda’s amazing find – a $3.50 clothes rack

So you probably know what happened next….yes, you guessed it – we stopped in at our local Goodwill and found three items Brenda was hoping to find: a hanging clothes rack, a folding table, AND a clothes steamer. (The steamer will be used for our Poshmark experiment.) And not only that, but because it was a special sale day, we got the clothes rack for $3.50, the table for $4.00 and the steamer for $5.00! Truly amazing! I LOVE my smart little Goodwill wizard.

Our yard sale day started at 6:45 am and by 8:00 am we were already getting shoppers. The first items to go were the three cooking pots – cha ching $6.00. Traffic was mostly steady and by noon we were pretty exhausted and anxious to shut it down. But I really wanted to get rid of that Ikea area rug that I had been lugging around since 2013. I said to Brenda, “I just want one more person to look at that rug before we quit”. Well, like Brenda sometimes says “What you think about, you bring about” and it seemed to work because a gentleman stopped by with about 45 minutes left and bought the Ikea rug!

Brenda Preparing for the Start of the Yard Sale

In the end, we managed to get rid of a few things and made a total of $64 for the day. Not as good as last year but it’s better than nothing. We donated all the unsold items to Goodwill and we will deposit our $64 into our vacation savings account to help cover the cost of our September trip to the Tennessee mountains to celebrate our 3-year wedding anniversary.

What are your yard sale experiences? What has worked particularly well for you? What was an utter failure?

Randal and Brenda

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