My Retirement Journal – Potential Part-Time Income Source

The week ended with a rather uneventful day in terms of retirement learnings and events. The stock market was slightly down – about 40 points or so. Fortunately the markets had a good week overall increasing our retirement nest egg by 1.09%. It’s always a good week when the nest egg goes up.

As for other retirement news, the retirement forums that I visit regularly didn’t have any interesting articles or posts. Some days are like that. Other days the retirees are very active and have lots to talk about. I guess they’re too busy living their lives today. Good for them!

In other somewhat related retirement news, Brenda recently started her Poshmark career. The reason I say it is somewhat related to retirement is because any extra income we’re able to bring in just makes our retirement plan that much stronger. If we could earn $10,000-$20,000 per year after I retire, our kids would probably be very happy because it would probably mean more for them when we’re on the other side of the dirt – one of my favorite expressions from the retirement forum. Brenda hasn’t made any sales yet but then again, she just started this week and she only has four items listed so far. You can see a sampling of her “Poshmark closet” in the margin on the right side of this site.

I too look forward to dabbling in some online business ventures when I have more time. I’ve got experience with creating websites and making commissions via affiliate sales so I’m really excited and anxious to jump back into it. I was making $2,000 – $3,000 per month back in 2006-2007. Of course, lots of changes have taken place on the Internet since then so we’ll see if I’m able to ever get back to that level.

We also own two beach condos that we rent. I won’t say how much money they generate because our kids may eventually read this (grin) but needless to say, it’s always nice to have a little extra, somewhat passive stream of income.

Speaking of earning extra money, I recently started reading an article about side jobs to make money from home that I thought had some good ideas. Click on the link to read it.

Have you considered doing something from home to make extra money? Maybe you’ve tried it and it worked or it didn’t. We’d love to hear about your own story or your ideas.


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